We The Youth

Today are united in our call for urgent action!

To those who are waiting for the right moment to act

That moment is now


The Declaration

Global Youth Climate Action Declaration We, the Youth, unite in our call for urgent action on the transnational crisis of climate change. Together, we represent the global constituency of young people determined to preserve the integrity of our Earth for all lifeforms, for the generations to follow, and for the sake of our own survival....

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Core team

Team Member

Tulyahabwe Rogers

Uganda / East Africa


Team Member

Zahra Abu Taha

Jordan / Middle East


Team Member

Annie Deng

China/ Asia


Team Member

Vishal Jammulapati

Utah State/ North America

+1 (801) 706-0600

Team Member

Wantoe T. Wantoe

Liberia/West Africa


Team Member

Andrea Manning


+1 (404) 490-7277

Team Member

Aishu Narasimhadevara

Southeast Asia/Malaysia and Indonesia

+1 917 841 0406

Team Member

Côme Girschig

France, Europe

+33 6 03 57 69 64

Team Member

Nadine Clopton

Pennsylvania / US

+1 (215) 840-4365

Team Member

Mădălina Scarlat


+40 766 228 544

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