LCJC Series: Capacity-Building, Education, and Awareness Speakers

Jun 12, 2021 @ 10 am EST


Miles Davis

International Social Entrepreneur

Miles J Davis, 27, is an international social entrepreneur based in Tokyo, Japan. With a higher educational background in supply chain management, hip-hop, environmental policy, and African studies, Miles interconnects his focuses to reimagine worlds to become more holistically integrated. Miles is working on sustainable development solutions in the realms of fashion, cosmetics, permaculture, rural cooperatives, and education in the US, Ghana, and Japan. Miles is the co-creator of The Superior Solution, a progressive and holistic early education curriculum. The Superior Solution was created as a culturally responsible, anti-racist curriculum to address educational and societal inequities that impact black and brown students. The Superior Solution centers its work around critical literacy for early learners to directly combat the school-to-prison pipeline. Miles is also the co-founder of the Sissala Shea Cooperative, an ethical fair-trade women’s shea butter production group, as well as the Bobotiaroh Permaculture Center, the leading permaculture center in the northern regions of Ghana. Miles co-created The Sissala Shea Cooperative and Bobotiaroh Permaculture Center to redirect the narrative and control of Africa’s resources via sustainable production, upward mobility, and access to equitable markets as a means of liberation. 


Pradeep Karuturi

Sustainability Advocate, WG Member, YOUNGO

Pradeep Karuturi is an electrical engineer and sustainable advocate working in Climate Action in domains of sustainable mobility, indigenous communities, organic agriculture, water harvesting for the past 8 years with Governments, think tanks, and youth groups in India and abroad. He went on an international expedition to Antarctica as a youth ambassador by the 2041 foundation in the year 2016 to understand the impacts of climate change and later started community centers for a couple of indigenous tribes in South India in 2017, focusing on education, health care and livelihood. Pradeep went on a cycling expedition of 2000 Kilometers promoting sustainable mobility, climate action, organic farming in South India for in 2019. During his tenure as a consultant and project lead at the state Government of Andhra Pradesh, India his efforts helped bring access to educational technology to over a million children in rural state of Andhra Pradesh, India during his tenure with the state government as. He was part of policy advocacy efforts in promoting electric vehicles in India for the past 2 years and currently Co Founder at Project Rolugunta with indigenous tribes and a member of the YOUNGO Cities working Group working on sustainable cities.


Gabrielle Rosenbacher

 Coral Restoration Foundation Education Program Intern

Growing up in the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, Gabrielle has been passionate about wildlife conservation since she can remember.  She became PADI certified at 10 years old sparking a passion for the ocean and coral reefs. Gabrielle received a BA in Environmental Studies – Ecology & Conservation from the University of Vermont.  A semester of her studies was spent in the Turks & Caicos Islands at the School for Field Studies – Center for Marine Resource Studies, further growing her passion for marine conservation and diving. Following university, Gabrielle lived in the Canary Islands, where she received her Divemaster and PADI Instructor qualifications, as well as numerous specialty certifications. Since then, she led a non-profit marine conservation organization in Caye Caulker, Belize, as the project coordinator. Currently, Gabrielle is the Education Program Intern at Coral Restoration Foundation, further propelling her into a career hoping to inspire, educate and bring about positive changes for our natural environments. Gabrielle would like to continue devoting her life to marine conservation and working with non-profit organizations.


Disha Sarkar

ACE WG Member, YOUNGO Coordinator, ACE Youth Forum

Disha Sarkar, is a Youth Advocate from Assam, India. She is a Member of theAction for Climate Empowerment (ACE ) Working Group of YOUNGO, Youth Constituency of UNFCCC and also an organizing team member of the ACE Youth Forum 2021. She is the Co-Chair of International Youth Conference 2021. She has convened several “Mentorship Circle” Projects across various higher educational institutions to provide Capacity Building Opportunities to youths from her state. She is presently working as the lone youth representative on the “Save Bharalu, Save Guwahati’ Project in Assam , a Multi stakeholder Project which aims to rejuvenate and restore the natural flow of the River Bharalu in Assam.


Liv Scott

Director & Producer, “Emergence of Heart” 

Liv is a multi-disciplinary creator and system’s massager, who works within and outside of existing systems to nurture their capacity towards ecological, social, and individual healing. Since realizing at five that humans were destroying the home of their beloved stuffed sloth, Liv has been seeking to understand and address the roots of the climate crisis. With a background in Biology and Systems Thinking, Liv uses this understanding of relationships within and across scale and time to pursue this childhood goal. This work has led Liv to elevating the intersection of global health and the climate crisis by designing an African-focused UN-side conference featuring the Director-General of WHO, former Presidents and others and writing a report in partnership with Harvard Global Health Institute. Currently, Liv is creating a short coming of age film to encourage audiences to “feel to heal” the climate crisis. The film will travel across the United States opening up audience story sharing about the intersection of white supremacy, the climate crisis, and personal reflection. Liv is a graduate from the School of System Change and has studied the System’s View of Life with Fritjof Capra and Collective Trauma with Thomas Hubl. Liv has a degree in Biology and Environmental Studies from Oberlin College.