Global Youth Climate Action Declaration

We, the Youth, unite in our call for urgent action on the transnational crisis of climate change.

Together, we represent the global constituency of young people determined to preserve the integrity of our Earth for all lifeforms, for the generations to follow, and for the sake of our own survival. In order to protect our most fundamental right to an inhabitable, healthy environment, it is imperative that we have multi-dimensional cooperation. We must mobilize and transform our hope in order to transcend borders and immerse ourselves in action. This requires cooperation that may be the first of its kind – harmony on a personal, local, national, and international level.

Today, in response to the deadlock, ignorance, and inaction of past generations in addressing the Climate Change crisis created by our species, we, the YOUTH, declare a global, social, and ecological state of emergency.

You – Heads of State and policymakers at all levels of governance – have the power to enact the broad sweeping changes we so desperately need.

We – the Youth – are watching our Earth burn and witnessing the promise of a future diminish before our very own eyes. We are tasked with solving a grand challenge we have inherited from the generations who came before. We ask for inter-generational partnership in working to save our Earth as the speed of climate change continues to accelerate.

Together, we can change the course of history by using our power for good, by amplifying the voice of science, by abandoning “business-as-usual”, and by taking a stand for our planet.

Alongside biodiversity collapse, denial of human and environmental rights, dramatic levels of pollution, rising inequalities, and resource shortages, climate change will be a determining factor of planetary evolution for decades to come.

And in this crisis, with no exceptions, the least responsible will bear the heaviest burdens. We thus urge you to address the rising complexities of the world you have built through adhering to the goals set forth by the Sustainable Development agenda and by governing with compassion for those of us who will soon inherit these grand challenges.

We call on Heads of State and policymakers to acknowledge and act in accordance with the most accurate science, particularly the IPCC Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5°C, the recent IPCC Land Report, and the most recent IPCC report on the Oceans and Cryosphere.

We urge you to take immediate action on the recommendations set forth by this declaration.

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