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Good or evil? Pacify is a horror game that will take you on a scary adventure in a haunted house. In this game you play as a paranormal hunter who decides to investigate an old house that is considered evil, or that is said by neighbors. Soothe is a very scary game that will make you believe in ghosts and other supernatural beings. According to rumors, they say that the old house was a funeral home in the early days, and the people behind its activities offered special treatment. In addition to cremation and burial of the dead, there were rumors that they could summon the spirits of the dead so that their relatives could speak to them for the last time. This is made possible by a suspicious call ritual, which is said to be effective, and some families can testify that they can actually talk to their loved ones for a few minutes. However, not all rituals are successful, and in one case some went wrong. This resulted in the disappearance of one of the homeowners, who was then followed by others brave enough to take part in the home for investigation. They were never seen again after going inside. Also, the child admitted to hearing scary laughter coming from inside! But are these rumors true? As a paranormal investigator, you are hired by a sales broker to prove whether the house was actually violated or not, and this is where your gruesome journey begins. (Function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); Make peace You will eventually meet a famous girl who is said to be chasing a house, and you have to run around a seemingly endless corridor to hide from her. Interestingly, later on you will realize that ghosts will not always be in the eyes of the killer. In fact, it changes over time between good and evil, and you decide what makes it change. In addition to running away from home, you should also find a way to calm or soothe his soul until he stops following you. You can pick up and offer items until you can buy time before evil takes over. Yet, as you progress, the evil that has degraded his soul also becomes wiser, and it will be harder to calm his soul. If you want to win, you have to hide well, be quiet and calm until you find another way to calm down the exciting experience. This actually gives you a chance to fight the ghost by calming it down. There are also various game modes that you can try. You can play alone, collaborate with friends, or compete with other players! Soothing is scary as well as fun.

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