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Professional Mixing Software Virtual DJ is a real mix DJ software. It has been redesigned with different ways to meet the needs and preferences of the DJ and offers reliable DAW capabilities. The real DJ focuses more on the direct streaming of professional music with or without the use of a controller. The default version is free to download on Mac or with tools, the standard DJ interface gets the perfect combination of user and professional needs by integrating simple and logical controls. They allow users to fade, change song speed, use different SFX, and even set call signals on demand. Macbook Pro users will be able to configure, rotate and adjust to the fly using the keyboard (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); If you use a Mac, laptop, or computer, you can use Virtual DJ to organize your song collection as you like, quickly arranging and executing filters. You can also filter songs with partner keys and beats per minute, opening the door to some creative mix. If you work online, you can even use the internet and stream from SoundCloud as a mix of free DJs, a real DJ can also play music videos or show karaoke event songs. Text and videos can be displayed on large TVs, club screens or walls. The interactive DJ can be connected directly to VJ’Pro for video, and the event planning feature takes practice, but once you get it, it allows you to sync any music, video, or skins according to your preferences. , focused on earlier versions of Virtual DJ, was emerging. The latest version deals with these complaints step by step: Virtual DJ Beauty is entirely up to the end user, offering a choice of five different formats: Controller, Startup, Basic, Professional, and Performance. The best layout opens the wheel of color schemes, wave options, timers, and jogwheel DJs, the technical layout is a great place to start, with two decks in the middle of the stage and a wav that plays the show below the upper limit. Alternatively, all visual options are easily accessible via a simple drop-down menu. For DJs who do not want to be the focus center in the club, there is even a bad situation that they can change, which works well when working from the booth behind the DJ, or SeratoRekordbox and Serato are two of Virtual’s main competitors. DJ. . All three are household names on the field and are used by professional DJs around the world. Both Virtual DJ and Serato allow users to mix stored or streaming music from their computer, and allow them to mix, scrape, and control songs using a turntable, media player, controller, or directly from direct disks. In a club setting, however, Serato is a good alternative to Virtual DJ. Serato offers a coordinated interface that won’t bother you, while the DJ’s Virtual UI and layout are completely full of more naclaustrophobic. However, the average DJ is one step ahead when it comes to file management and better video capabilities. There are other alternatives to mixing and programming, the DJ learning curve becomes an indisputable weight in the free DJ mix competition, but what? How is the learning curve for foreigners? For a DJ game? The answer is that it is quite steep. Fortunately, trainingthese are available directly from the product. At the time of writing this article, the same cannot be said for Serato or the tutorial includes tutorials on how to start mixing, song samples, activating and managing playlists, syncing your songs, recording or streaming via Facebook. And mix automatically. Although it is not difficult to do a quick web search for tutorial videos or Frequently Asked Questions about Serato or Rekordbox, access to the resources directly available in the program is a welcome preference for free DJ mixing tools for beginners, but it is still ongoing. . take and use compared to the competition. It stays in the middle of solidarity between users and professionals, and Virtual DJ LE is a great suggestion for suspicious visitors to the app. This version comes complete with external sound cards and drivers that will work both on computers and the visual quality of the new Virtual DJ is a major and most welcome change. While recent updates have also improved the overall consistency of software, extensions, and accessibility (especially through library mediation streaming), the most interesting change was the overall aesthetics of the mix. These changes alone make the program worth reviewing, especially if you have never used it before.

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