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Auslogics BoostSpeed 12

BoostSpeed ​​scans your computer for troubleshooting problems and provides a secure and easy way to solve them, as well as a complete set of powerful hardware to improve every performance of your PC. With the click of a button, perform the following actions (or just the part you want): clean the trash, create a registry, modify your Windows and Web settings, defrag your hard drive – all for your PC to run faster and smoother again.

Identify your Windows system

BoostSpeed ​​makes a complete scan of your entire system, detecting trivial files, collision issues, and the cause of any system or software crash or attack. Through extensive research and testing, we have developed precision techniques that allow you to identify problems that can be safely removed without compromising your operating system.

Clean the desired file

We created a cleaning module in BoostSpeed ​​to sweep all types of PC waste such as unwanted system and temporary user files, web browser cache, unused error logs, Windows Change Files, Sun Java temporary files, cache of Microsoft Office unnecessary, and much more. It helps to get gigabytes of hard drive space on an average PC.

Restore system stability

As an experienced surgeon, BoostSpeed ​​uses precision tools to carefully remove corrupted keys and invalid entries from the Windows registry, being careful not to damage anything important. We test our software to ensure that it corrects the cause of multiple crashes and accidents in order to restore good and consistent performance without any side effects.

Accelerate computer speed

BoostSpeed ​​modifies advanced system settings to help most processes and operations run faster. It fixes your Internet connection settings to ensure better browsing, faster downloads, and quality audio / video calls. We want you to have a good PC experience, so we have included tools to speed up every aspect of your PC’s performance.

Protect your privacy

Most of us worry that personal information will fall into the wrong hands. When you enter passwords or credit card details, this data is stored on your hard drive, invisible to you, but easy prey for experienced hackers. We have included privacy tools that help to remove your activities and protect your sensitive personal information.

Aatetomate system maintenance

With BoostSpeed, you can schedule automatic maintenance that detects and eliminates problems in real time, protects your performance, and keeps your PC running faster. To find out how your life works, we have created this service so you can install it right away and your PC is automatically cleaned and accelerated with the right schedule.

Keep the performance well

To maximize the impact you get from full implementation, we have added direct memory and processor management, which ensures that your applications have more resource allocation to them. It protects smooth and fast performance in real time and allows you to get a good computer experience every day

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BitTorrent’s free file transfer software is a tool for downloading and sharing files. This allows users to connect to a network with the same name to download and download torrents. The software runs on a peer-to-peer network. With the built-in search engine, you can search for files on the Internet and check their progress, as there are several types. BitTorrent is not only an equal file transfer protocol, but also software that can be used to connect to a computer. The software is lightweight, but the latest version has many features. It allows you to download a wide variety of non-copyrighted materials. This includes movies, games, music, apps, and more (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); BitTorrent also allows you to share files by converting them to new torrents. When you select a file to download, you are given the option to choose what you want. There are checkboxes, and you can only select the files you want to upload. For example, if you download a movie using BitTorrent, you can only select the main file, not the subtitles or anything else that comes with it. Quick and easy processes A free version of BitTorrent is available, or you can upgrade to a professional version to add extra features and not show ads. The interface contains an ad, but it’s still easy to navigate. Windows 10 users can download this program and configure it to run on computer startup. Torrents start downloading quickly, and you can watch or listen to the file download. In the options menu, you can adjust various settings and options. Because you can customize everything to your liking and schedule downloads, the program is not intrusive. In fact, you can just leave it in the background and get everything you need. It’s easy to check the progress of the download and which torrents are available in one download. The main interface of the program shows your information about the downloaded files and allows you to control the process. You can check the number of seeds, pairs and followers of each torrent. There is also an RSS tracker that notifies you of new torrents. There is also a search bar to search for torrents. This will take you to search, not other torrent sites. BitTorrent is not full of features, but offers the ability to perform basic tasks. Two particularly useful features are the download scheduling feature, which is useful if you want to download when there is not much internet traffic. You can also use this feature to download the remote control from your browser or Android application. You can monitor and adjust download and download speeds, which is useful for tracking or managing various activities as quickly as possible. As for adding files to share with friends, you can simply drag the selected file and a link will be created. You can send links so others can access the file. Alternative Torrents You may have noticed that since BitTorrent acquired uTorrent, features and interfaces have a lot in common. These are easy and safe ways to download torrents. However, there are other programs that meet your needs. Another alternative with free potential is Vuze. It is an open source program that offers a full search function than Bittorrent. However, you will find that the software is much more complex and requires a lot of resources and bandwidth to use. It is generally necessaryeasy to find and download. If what you are looking for is a program that does everything you need in an easy way, qBittorrent is a great choice. Most operations can be performed without setting up wizards or plug-ins, such as downloading torrents, searching for files, and creating torrents. Those looking for minimalism and a simple program are interested in Transmission-Qt. You can perform several basic operations with a single click. This includes download preferences and speed limits. You can tag and rate your torrents, making them easy to access. The minimalist interface costs limited additional features and the easy download of torrentBitTorrent performs all the basics well. It’s easy to use, the ads aren’t good, and you can customize it to your liking. The most attractive factor is how light and modest the program is, which makes it enjoyable to use or leaves it in the background. The latest version of BitTorrent has added the ability to select a language in the status bar. It also changed the default language of the user’s operating system. Fixed a bug that prevented DNS settings from being reset to the default values ​​for an encrypted peer-to-peer connection.

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