Windows 10 20H2 Ultra Lite X (32 Bits) indir


Windows 10 20H2 Ultra Lite X (32 Bits)

Windows 10 20H2 Ultra Lite X

======= KALDIRILDI ======

dokunsal kumaşlar ve kumaşlar



Özet: İş arama


Enflamasyon -V

Doku manipülatörleri

Microsoft Kenarı

Metro uygulaması

Onedrive: Ama şimdi sıfırlayabilirsiniz

Microsoft Mağazası: İşyeri yükleyicisi. OBS: Bir Microsoft hesabıyla oturum açıyorum, böylece mağaza normal çalışıyor

===== KAPALI ====

Tengah de aes KAPALI

Animasyonlarda Windows KAPALI yok

Pencerenin gölgesi ve yönü OVERLOK EDİLDİ

OBS: Doğrudan sürücü sürücüleri, uygulamalar yükleyin İki Desire sürücüsü veya Windows güncellemeleri yükleyin.

|| Aps sistemi yeniden kurdu ||

==== ŞİRKET =====


Normal hesap makinesi

Notlar Notlar

Geleneksel fotoğraf görüntüleyici

Microsoft Edge Chromium yükleyicisi Windows’u arıyor

Microsoft Mağazası: İşyeri yükleyicisi

==== Evde kullanım sistemi ====

Pejabat’taki Belgelerin Baskısı

Video ve ses ekipmanının oynatılması

Web’e göz atın

Çalıştırılacak Microsoft Mağazası Yazılımı

Bazı köpek oyunları artık çalışmıyor

Microsoft Mağazası.


Boyut: 1 GB

Kredi bilgileri: Gleison Lima

Mimari: x86

Dil: pt-BR (orijinal)

BIOS: UEFI / Kalıtım

biçim: ISO / ESD

MD5: 57E7FE24F088C2DAC5529F9EFD5E7C24

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Adobe Air FULL torrent download


Adobe Air

Create and distribute multiple web applications on the desktop Adobe AIR is an operating system used for web development. The software was created by computer development company Adobe Systems to enable advanced users to create desktop and mobile applications. In this runtime environment, you can use Adobe Animate content and ActionScript encoders to create your own programs. It can be a standalone program or work in the same way as apps installed on supported platforms. Adobe AIR makes this possible by providing unlimited access to internal storage and file systems. This compares to a browser application that allows access to individual files selected by users. Applications designed specifically for AIR must use certain services. This includes taskbar integration, file system integration, and built-in client extensions. To integrate these services, AIR supports eight services so that users can create their own software more efficiently. (Function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); is a system program that maintains the placement and appearance of a window in a window system. It also helps you to work with certain image tools, markers and keyboard. In addition, the built-in AIR menu bar and file management services help you move the user interface to the image. These are essential items when you need to add files or folders related to development from your computer Create your own software Adobe AIR lets you run applications through command line arguments. This allows I / O Flow and Error to send feedback to you. Otherwise known as the layout plan, this is the part in the AIR, where it is based on text only. Here you will find the command line interface and the text terminal of your operating system. GUI applications can work perfectly with keyboard and screen only. You can choose to get text from the Copy Tablet, or you can drag and drop it on the page. When creating multiple number lines, a variety of reading aids will be useful. Allows you to control multiple threads and run ActionScript 3 in the background. The codes help you provide complete CSS and JavaScript web pages with JavaScript and all web browsers. You can expand your app by taking advantage of built-in or ANE add-ons. This is a plug-in library code whose original code is locked by the ActionScript API. This gives you access to built-in services that cannot be used in the AIR. Software tools for all levels of users Adobe AIR is suitable for new and experienced developers as it organizes all its functions into a simple to follow guide. In addition, it offers friend-friendly services such as access to the cut and drop item. Power users can also benefit from this software because the app allows you to create apps with full CSS and JavaScript, as well as built-in extensions that already exist in the app.

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Windows 10 Pro for Workstations X64 en-US MARCH 2021 {Gen2} torrent download


Windows 10 Pro for Workstations X64 en-US MARCH 2021 {Gen2}

Windows 10 Pro for X64 en-US workstations MARCH 2021

Version 20H2 Build

* File:

* Size: 4.91 GB

* Format: boot ISO

* CRC32: 4f9035f3

* MD5: 418914ba5354a83e61f15b3f12270006

* SHA-1: d2d162088eea38ce6c2064493880190e950a23ec

Built-in / pre-installed:

* Cumulative Updates:

* KB5000802

* NET Framework

* Cumulative updates for

* NET Framework and:

* KB4601554

Complete Inventory / Install:

* Defender update


* Windows 10 Pro for Workstation – STD

* Windows 10 Pro for Workstations – DLA

* STD = Default Installation – For those who have their own license key

* DLA = Digital License Activation (HVID)

* UEFI available

* (Use the included Rufus USB tool to boot UEFI)

* Diagnostic and recovery tools (only)

* compressed into recovery format ()

* Make USB bootable (recommended) with Rufus,

* (supplied) or burn to DVD-DL at low speed.

* Windows_Addict, author of the Windows activation script

* I hope you enjoy this edition!

* Regards,

* Generation2

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