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Free, Easy -to -Use Google Classroom Learning Tools Google Classroom is a complete, free, and easy -to -use educational platform from the IT giant. The program is available as part of G Suite and is integrated with Gmail, Google Drive, Google Calendar and other applications. Google Classrooms is designed specifically for K-12 and Higher Education teachers and students. Compared to ActiveInspire, Udemy, Preply and other similar tools, Google offers integration with a variety of learning -based applications and websites, including Discovery Education, American Museum of Natural History, this free learning software, teachers and students can easily connect online by sharing tasks, lessons, resources and other information. Google Classroom Download focuses on a paperless workflow that lets teachers view, mark, and create assignments from a single whiteboard. This platform can be used to learn more effectively and allows you to start discussions with students or send messages. Students can also share resources with anyone (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); Tasks, Lessons, and Learning Resources With Google Classroom, teaching becomes a focused, productive, and effective experience. The education and learning platform encourages communication between teachers and students, ensuring collaboration and rational collection of tasks. With this program, teachers are able to publish projects, lead classes and provide feedback from a centralized panel. Furthermore, it is possible to integrate with Google Drive and Google Docs accounts. So everything is stored comfortably in Google Classroom? The main objective of this educational platform is to bridge the technology gap between students and teachers. This is a complete engagement platform that enables continuous communication and learning. Because Google Classroom integrates so well with other Google products, the app offers an easy, fast, and paperless way to deliver educational resources, tasks, and Google Classroom is available for many operating systems, including Windows and Android. Learning tools can be used to advertise tests, events, trips and other aspects of students ’lives. Most importantly, it allows teachers to monitor student progress in real time. Similarly, students can control applications, deadlines, upcoming assignments, etc. Everything can be viewed and uploaded to the program. Can teachers use Google Classroom? Simple and familiar interface. The intuitive dashboard lets you navigate all the features without too much hassle. There are two special sections for teachers: “Streams and Students”. They help teachers monitor student performance and allow them to organize courses in the “Students” section so that better, teachers can communicate directly with students. You can enter each email address manually to send an invitation or ask students to attend a class with a unique code. Once all students have joined the class or group, you will spend most of your time in the Flow section. The main purpose of this section is to help teachers create projects and homework. Each post can focus on a variety of instructions, topics, and other important aspects of the course. How can students use Google Classroom? Unique codes for entering classes are availableon the left side of the group page. Students must enter this code to join the group. By default, only teachers can send messages and assignments to groups. To change this setting, you can visit the Students section, which allows students to submit questions, submit multiple assignments and comment on learning tools, automatically tracking calendar dates. It receives all assignments submitted by students on time and marks late assignments as late. Students also have the flexibility to attach files to assignments. For example, simply attach a link directing the teacher to an authority website or news article. If students want to attach assignment files, they can be downloaded from their hard drives, YouTube, Google Drive, and other links in the reference and education categories on the web. In addition, students can attach their work to the publication as a DOCX or Google Doc file. They can be opened directly in the Google Classroom interface. Teachers can check it out while they are online or in touch with the program for a short period of time. Google Classroom has become a leading educational platform for students and teachers. If you are a teacher, this program can help you monitor your students ’progress. In addition, you can provide real -time feedback to students, which helps them learn and improve more effectively, on the other hand, if you are a student, you can organize all tasks and requests in an orderly manner. Because the program integrates with Google products, it’s easier to attach files, store apps in the cloud, and access all courses anywhere, anytime. Today, the Google Classroom is, without a doubt, an excellent choice for learning and growth, allowing students to connect easily with the right options for primary, secondary and tertiary education. School authorities and teachers around the world are working to minimize the use of smartphones by students. campus. However, smartphones and laptops are a great way to stay in touch and explore a variety of tasks, topics and resources. With learning software like Google Classroom, the process becomes smoother in Classroom, allowing students and teachers to monitor with learning -based modules, including assignments, courses, and more. deadlines, collection of tasks, etc. To get started, you’ll need a free Google Apps for Education account, but that’s all. Download the program and get started!

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